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Ayu Karma, as the name aphorizes is a holistic care system to bring the therapeutic values of Ayurveda into everyday life. For 84 years, we have established ourselves as the trademark of authenticity. Initially, Ayu Karma was conceptualized by Dr. Arjun in the year 1937 with the intent to treat patients with utmost care through the towpath of Ayurveda.

With our changing lifestyle, the disease has become quite a familiar word these days. With that being said, “what we eat is what we become.” Dincharya is an important factor that affects our vitality and it includes not only our lifestyle but also the diet we consume. The focus is on maintaining a healthy balance between the tri doshas or life energies, namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, and detoxifying the body of toxins called Ama.

From detoxification to rejuvenation to weight loss management, gladly we do it all with the help of Ayurveda only. Our experience of having treated 1,20,000 people from across the globe has made us the pioneer of Ayurveda.

Ayu Karma Hospital only utilizes natural, authentic, effective, and safe therapies while managing chronic diseases. Healing of the mind, body, and soul and rejuvenation of the cells and tissues is the core of Ayu Karma’s unique methodology.

Ayu Karma IPD

Ayu Karma is based out in Gurugram, Haryana. This healing center is entirely committed to providing wellness programs with a touch of Ayurveda. Our services range from OPD, IPD, Stress & Weight Management, Yoga, PanchKarma, Leech & Cupping Therapy to Kshar Sutra, etc. We have cultivated a supportive environment and infrastructure where you will feel connected to nature. Our services promote wholesome wellness and help establish a connection of mind, body, soul with nature.

Address: 108, Silokhara, Adjacent Uniworld City East Gate Sec.41, Gurugram, Haryana, 122001
Phone: +91-99719-87778
Email: info@ayukarma.com

Our wholesome wellness programs

OPD Facility

IPD Facility

Stress Management

Weight Management

Yoga and Meditation


Leech & Cupping Therapy

Kshar Sutra (Anorectal Disease)

Ayurvedic Treatments

Cardiology & CTVS



Orthopedic & Joint Pain







Get to Know our Team of Experts

Dr. Puneet

Founder of Ayu Karma


Possessing expertise in the treatment of kidney diseases, Dr. Puneet Dhawan's ideology prescribes a bar for anyone treating kidney-related disorders through experience in modern Ayurveda. His therapies include individualized treatment varying from patient to another.

Dr. Nikhil Diwakar Sharma

Dr. Nikhil Diwakar Sharma


Dr. Krutika Awasthi

Dr. Krutika Awasthi


Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Dr. Rakesh Kumar


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